Book a taxi online 24/7 hours a day

You can also book a taxi online by filling in a form, you can find the form at the online booking form. There are multiple choices, you can book a one-way trip to an Airport like Schiphol, we can also pick you up from Schiphol but you can also book a trip from your home to an airport and the return together. After filling in the form completely you will receive immediately a copy of your form and within 12 hours you will get a confirmation of your booking.

A booking by phone 24/7 a day

You can also book a taxi by phone. Our company is 24 hours a day available by phone. If you book your taxi our employee will tell you everything you need to know about the trip to Schiphol and the way back. If you book a taxi by phone you will not get a confirmation by email.

Be ready 15 minutes before your actual pick-up time

If you book a taxi at our company, you need to be ready 15 minutes before your actual pick-up time. The driver has a schedule, so because of this, he will arrive a bit earlier at the pick-up location. If he arrived earlier at the pick-up location he can help you with the luggage and will be able to leave on time.

Carseat of children

Schiphol Taxi Ticket has a Masi Cosy available (for babies till they are 1 year old), a child seat (for a child who’s 1 year old till 4 years old) of a child seat which is for older children (for a child who’s 4 year old, till your child is taller than 1,35 meters). We will make sure you have one or more of these seats if you ask for it when you make the booking.

Options to pay

There are different ways available for you to pay for the taxi. You can pay with cash in the taxi or make use of a credit card (there will be € 5 credit card costs). However, you can also pay in advance with iDEAL which is very safe.

Cancelling the booking

We have some conditions if you suddenly want to cancel your booking. Those are: you have to cancel your booking by email and it depends on how late you cancel it, you will not always get your money back. In the following rules, you will exactly know how much money you’ll get back after cancelling.

  • More than 48hrs before departure: 100% refund less an administration fee of €10
  • Between 48hrs and 24hrs before departure: 50% refund less an administration fee of €10
  • Within 24hrs before departure: 25% refund less an administration fee of €10
  • Within 8hrs before departure: no refund


We are not responsible if you booked your taxi to tight and if you miss your flight because of this. You have to be at the airport at your check-in time, mostly it is 2,5 of 3 hours before your actual flight.

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