Terms and conditions



Check your booking form if everything is correctly filled in such as your mobile number(s), arrival date, arrival time and flight number.

If the flight number isn’t correct with the information you have given us then your ride will be scheduled again. That can result that you have to wait longer.

If your mobile isn’t working, switched off or the number isn’t correct, we will charge you € 10,- for a quarter after 1 hour has passed (actually landing time). So please contact the Centrale to avoid this.

Please note that the taxi can be combined (both ways). In that case, we will change the pick-up time to a maximum of 15 minutes earlier so that you will always be on time. The prices are already based on combination transportation and if you prefer a private taxi that is always possible for a more price. You can indicate it on the booking form at the end (message/additional information).



Please report the Centrale a.s.a.p.in case you take another flight. Please do this before you check-in and not when you have arrived at Schiphol. In that case, you will not get restitution.



In case your flight lands earlier than scheduled, we will try to adjust the pick-up time. If not possible then we will keep to the original landings time.

In case your flight is delayed, we will try to adjust the pick-up time with the delayed time. If your flight is delayed by more than 1 hour, we will re-schedule the planning. In that case please call the Centrale for the new pick-up time.


MAXI-COSY (TYPE 1, for an infant not older than 13 months), CHILD SEAT (TYPE 2, from 13 months till the length of 1,35 meters) AND BOOSTER (TYPE3, length from 1,35 meters)

It can take a bit longer as you are used of us, in case you have booked one of the seats mentioned above because the driver must come to the office to collect them.



In case of force of majority (roadblocks, storm, strikes, flight cancellation, car breakdown, detour etc.) no rights are granted. If you decide to take another taxi, the extra cost is at your own expense. Of course, we will do our level best to pick you up or find a reasonable solution. If not possible we will restitute the money you have paid for the pick-up.

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